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Checklist For Elderly Living Alone

Checklist For Elderly Living Alone

Here is a complete home safety checklist for the elderly living alone.

Keep The Home Well-Lit

A home with a lack of sufficient lighting will significantly increase the possibility of falls. Make sure to keep all staircases and walkways well-lit at all times. Installing nightlights throughout the house is a great solution. Wireless motion sensor lights can be installed near bedrooms and bathrooms, as well. Make sure the lighting you currently use is strong enough to keep your eyes from straining.

Remove Any Tripping Hazards

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that more than 9,000 seniors die every year from at-home falls. Minimize this risk by removing all loose objects from the floor. All cords and wires should be securely placed against walls. No rugs or carpets should be loose; they should all feature nonslip backing.

Fire Safety

Fires are another risk that seniors have to deal with while living on their own. Start by placing a smoke detector and fire extinguisher on every floor. Test these regularly to ensure proper operation. Make sure all doors and windows are easy to open from the inside.

Fall Prevention Checklist

Falling and getting injured is one of the biggest concerns for an elderly person living alone. Use these tips for safety solutions:

Kitchen Safety

  • Put all frequently used items on lower shelves.
  • Keep a sturdy stool in the kitchen at all times.

Floor Safety

  • Keep all walkways free of any furniture/objects.
  • Secure all rugs/carpets with nonslip backing.
  • Make sure no loose objects are on the floor.
  • Keep all wires taped or coiled securely close to walls.

Bedroom Safety

  • Lighting needs to be within reach of the bed.
  • Nightlights should keep pathway from bedroom to bathroom illuminated during the night.

Bathroom Safety

  • Install and use grab bars for bathtub/shower entry and exit.
  • Tub/shower floor should feature nonstick rubber mats.
  • Place grab bars around the toilet.

Stair Safety

  • Fix broken and/or uneven steps.
  • Remove any loose objects from the staircase.
  • Ensure staircase has sufficient lighting.
  • Utilize handrails on both sides of the staircase.
  • Have a light switch at the top and bottom of the stairs.

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