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Great Balance Exercises For Seniors

How Seniors Can Keep Healthy This Summer

As you get older, it is more important than ever to maintain your balance to minimize the risk of an injury or even life-threatening fall. Read more here to learn about some balance exercises seniors can do to keep themselves in shape.

Disclaimer: You should speak with a medical professional before undergoing any exercise regime. Use proper safety precautions and have assistance available when you exercise.

Standing On One Foot

  • Grip a sturdy chair to ensure balance and stand on one foot.
  • Hold this position for ten seconds.
  • Repeat this ten times.
  • Repeat ten times with the opposing leg.
  • Then repeat fifteen times with both legs (one leg at a time!)

Heel To Toe Walking

  • Take the heel of one foot and place it in front of the toes of the other foot so they are almost touching or lightly touching.
  • Focus on a spot ahead of you so you maintain a sense of steadiness as you walk. Step forward placing your heel just in front of the foot you have just moved forward.
  • Repeat for twenty steps.

Balance Walk

  • Raise your arms to shoulder height.
  • Again focus on a point to help maintain steadiness as you walk.
  • Step forward in the same way you dod when doing the Walking Heel To Toe exercise.
  • Repeat for twenty steps.

Back Leg Raises

  • Take a sturdy chair and grip it for balance.
  • Slowly breathe in.
  • Breathe out very slowly, as you lift one leg back without bending your knee or pointing your toes. Do not lean forward!
  • Hold the position for a count of one.
  • Breathe in while lowering your leg once more.
  • Repeat this ten to fifteen times.
  • Repeat this ten to fifteen times with the alternate leg.
  • Repeat this ten to fifteen times with both legs.

Side Leg Raises

  • Gripping a chair for balance, stand with feet slightly apart and slowly breathe in.
  • Keeping your back straight and toes pointing forward, slowly breathe out while lifting one leg out to the side. SLightly bend the leg you are standing on.
  • Repeat these steps ten to fifteen times.
  • Repeat these steps ten to fifteen times with the alternate leg.
  • Repeat these steps ten to fifteen times with both legs.

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