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Pets In Assisted Living

Moving from your home to assisted living can be overwhelming especially if you are going to lose your beloved pet. But some assisted living facilities are pet friendly. There may be some restrictions as to the kind of pet, the size and the number of pets, so read on to learn more.

Pet Ownership Benefits For Seniors

It is a fact pets are good the emotional and physical wellbeing of a senior. it helps them to live longer, happier and healthier. Pets give seniors a further sense of purpose, helps them retain an active lifestyle and has proven social benefits. Other pet ownership benefits include:

  • Stress reduction
  • Depression reduction
  • Greater spontaneity
  • Mental stimulation
  • Lowers cholesterol
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Decreases loneliness
  • Increased learning
  • Higher survival rate following a heart attack
  • Higher spirits for those with a memory impairment
  • Better self-esteem

Pet Friendly Senior Housing

As of the fall of 2017, 78% of senior communities welcomed pets and that number is increasing for assisted living communities as well. More senior comunities and assisted living facilities are realizing pet ownership is important and some even have “community” cats and dogs and even pet chickens! Some are even starting to offer grooming anda pet care among its extra services. However there may be weight limits for your pet and a maximum number of pets allowed as wel las a fee or additional deposit.

Pet-Friendly Community Questions

  • What are current ruels regarding pets?
  • Is there a safe area to take your dog or cat for a walk?
  • Is there a place for your pet to do its business?
  • Is the pet area well-lit at night?
  • How much of a deposit or fee is required upon move-in?
  • Are the rooms in your unit large enough for a pet?

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