Senior Living Communities in Arizona


Senior Living Communities in Arizona

If you’re searching for senior living servicesassisted living servicesindependent living services or memory care services near me in PhoenixArizona, SLS Communities can help! We provide Senior Living Services for many cities in the Phoenix, Arizona, including Scottsdale, Surprise, Peoria, Mesa, Sedona and Youngtown. We offer senior living services for just about any type of retiree. From assisted living and independent living, to memory care and home care. View our senior living services below.

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Find Assisted Living Services Near Phoenix, AZ

Assisted living is one of the fastest growing senior living options for long-term care. Assisted living facilities provide housekeeping, nursing care, prepared meals and more. Learn more about how much assisted living costs.

Searching for the best Assisted Living facility for you or your loved one is an important task. Senior Living Services has many communities to choose from, all offer their own unique look and feel, while also providing the highest level of quality care to each of our assisted living residents. Our licensed assisted living staff are trained to prepare an individualized and detailed service plan designed to fit you or your loved one’s assisted living needs. This makes your move in day a positive and welcoming transition for everyone involved.

Our Assisted Living facilities all offer restaurant style dining rooms where all meals are prepared by a chef. Most of our facility’s are focused around beautiful courtyards with gorgeous views from your assisted living apartment. All come with 1 and 2 bedroom floor plan options and tons of amenities and activities for all to enjoy.

Assisted Living FAQ

How To Move A Parent With Dementia To Assisted Living?

Here are the steps to move a parent with dementia into assisted living:

  • Step 1. The Alzheimer’s Association
  • Step 2. Learn about Dementia
  • Step 3. Start looking for care early
  • Step 4. Find a geriatric expert
  • Step 5. Hire a lawyer
  • Step 6. Take a tour
  • Step 7. Introduce yourself and make friends
  • Step 8. Provide a temporary reason
  • Step 9. Keep it postive
  • Step 10. Personalize the room
  • Step 11. Quick first visit after move

Read more about moving a parent with dementia to assisted living here.

When Is It Time For Assisted Living?

You will know it’s time for assisted living when:

  • Care needs increase
  • Your parent starts wandering
  • You are noticing aggressive behavior
  • Experiencing sun-downers
  • No longer safe alone
  • Caregiver burnout

Read more about how to know when it’s time for assisted living here.

How Much Does Assisted Living Cost In Phoenix?

According to SeniorAdvisor, the average cost of assisted living in Phoenix is about $3,500 per month. Costs ranged from $3,000 – $4,000 in 2018. Read more about the cost of assisted living in Phoenix here.

Assisted Living Checklist

This assisted living checklist can be used each time you call or tour a facility. Just download the assisted living checklist pdf to ensure all the important questions are asked:

  • Do the all staff members have the experience necessary to diagnose and/or handle the issues of recipient?
  • Is staff or caregivers able to provide medications?
  • How many staff members or caregivers are on night shift?
  • What is the ratio of residents to staff?
  • Are skilled nurses on staff 24 hours a day?
  • What types of apartments or condos are available?
  • Are assessments needed prior to admission?
  • What training & experience does staff have?
  • Are you able to describe your residents?
  • What are your billing and payment policies?
  • What are the apartment living options?
  • What is your discharge process like?
  • Are all of your assisted living services covered by the monthly fee? If not, what will additional costs be for extra services?
  • Is there a long waiting list? If so, what is your waiting list policy and how long is the wait?
  • If a resident needs a change, what services do they have available?

Learn more about the assisted living checklist here.