Written by craig braddick

Five Tips For Seniors In Arizona Summers

How Seniors Can Keep Healthy This Summer

Read on to learn of some ways Arizona Seniors can stay healthy in summer!

Alcohol Avoidance and Prescriptions

Sitting poolside in Phoenix is always fun with a cocktail in hand, but it may cause dehydration.  Also, it’s important to remember that dehydration is a side effect of many common prescription drugs for seniors.

Limit Use Of The Oven Or Stove

During the summer months your air conditioner probably runs all day long.  However, when cooking in the stove or oven heats the surrounding environment, regardless if the air conditioner is on.  Try to eat raw foods, salads, or even microwaved foods, in order to avoid overheating your home.


Sunburns last longer than heat exhaustion because they physically alter your body and can easily result in a heat stroke, especially when located in areas around the head and neck.  Be sure to wear higher SPF sunscreen and reapply often.

Inside Parking

Try and park in a garage, or at the very least, under a shaded area.  Heat strokes can occur among the elderly in a matter of minutes. We also recommend running the air conditioning for at least 5 minutes while the car is in park, and before you steer out on the hot black asphalt.


Food with heavy salt levels such as nuts, processed foods, pretzels, and tortilla chips, can increase the chance of dehydration.  Stay away from salty foods during the hot summer months.

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