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Average Length Of Stay In Memory Care Unit

Average Length Of Stay In Memory Care Unit

Two to three years is the average length of stay for an individual in either memory care or assisted living. However, the length of stay can vary widely, based on several different factors.

Typical Length Of Memory Care Stays

Providing an exact timeline for average stays can prove to be difficult. Certain individuals may only reside for a few months in memory care, while others stay for upwards of ten years. The same is true for residents of assisted living communities, but the average length of stay remains two to three years. If, for instance, the individual receives some sort of at-home care prior to moving into memory care, the timeline can drop drastically. The memory care stay may last less than a year at this point.

Factors Impacting Length Of Stay

The length of stay very much depends on the following factors:

  • Availability
  • Overall Health
  • Family Support
  • Type Of Impairment

When To Move To Memory Care

Here are some clear indicators that your loved one may need the attention provided at a memory care unit:

1. Behavior Changes

Individuals suffering from dementia may begin acting differently. Some things may barely be noticed, while other behaviors may be jarring. Changes in motor skills, behavior and overall isolation should be closely monitored. Individuals with dementia may also become easily confused, agitated or anxious.

2. Decline In Physical Health

Physical changes can be one of the most obvious signs of dementia or Alzheimer’s. During this bout, the individual may become thin or frail. Physical conditions can quickly worsen as the individual can be forgetful about taking medications.

3. Constant Confusion

Dementia will cause disorientation and confusion. This can lead to tragic car accidents with the elderly. Some individuals may get lost and confused, even in familiar places.

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