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The 5 Best Retirement Party Games

Best Retirement Party Games

Spice up your retirement party with any of these 5 party games!

Talent Contest

A talent contest is always best when done as a surprise to all in attendance. Making everyone participate in the contest and finding out their hidden talents can really serve as the highlight of the night. Give everyone a few minutes to decide on their presentation, then draw a random order for participation. A great way to run the competition is to either have the retiree show off one of his/her talents or serve as the judge. Make sure the winner receives a prize at the end.

The Bucket List

Put a box in the front, center or back of the room. Have each guest write down something they would put on their bucket list. Now, you can either pull these cards and read them aloud at the end of the party or you can turn it into a guessing game. Have a contest where the crowd must accurately select which person wrote the certain bucket list item.

Guess The Beer/Wine

This game will surely be a crowd-pleaser! Guessing blindfolded which type of beer or wine you are drinking can be a great game because many people can participate. Depending on the tastes of the crowd, you can either play this game with beer or wine. Start by pouring out three ounces of each beer or glass of wine. It’s recommended to use either four different beer types or four bottles of wine. Make the selections as diverse as possible for a fun guessing game. A stout, pilsner, cider or brown ale could be used. For wine, try to use one red, a white, blush and sparkling choice. Of course, you could always play this game with liquor instead, but be careful.

Wine Flavors

Two Truths And A Lie

In a retirement party setting, there are a few ways this game can be played. You can either have guests come up with two true stories about the retiree, including one line, or strictly have the retiree tell two truths and one lie. All guests will participate in picking out which of the three anecdotes is fake. For this game, the crowd should receive three index cards to write whether or not they believe the story is true or a lie.

Never Have I Ever

Use a traditional bingo board setup for this fun activity. Yet, instead of numbering put some crazy items in the bingo spaces. For example, the boxes could include travel stories or something more revealing such as any embarrassing arrests. The goal of this game is to get someone to cross off five of the items the fastest. Crossing off a row of 5 in any direction should be enough for the win.

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