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12 Card Games For Senior Citizens

12 Card Games For Senior Citizens

Playing card games is a healthy exercise for people of all ages, especially senior citizens. These activities keep the mind active and involve much-needed social interaction. Here’s a look at 12 of the best card games for senior citizens to play.

Gin Rummy:

  • All the cards in your hands need to be turned into sequences. Example: the cards in your hand turned into consecutive orders, depending on their ranks, and/or pairs of the same ranked cards before your opponents do the same.


  • Use a special board called a pegboard to keep track of scores.
  • Players race to win the game, with a score of 121 finishing as the winner.

Crazy Eights:

  • All players must get rid of their hand by placing eights down or specifically suited cards.


  • This game requires a team so partner up before beginning play.
  • Players bid on how strong the cards are in your hand.
  • The goal is to get as close as possible to the estimate and whoever is closest wins “tricks.”


  • This game is quite similar to Rummy and played with a partner.
  • You score points by gathering sets of cards with similar rankings.


  • The way to play this game is to collect all multitudes of card combinations to score as many points as possible.
  • This should be aligned with the “opening bid.”


  • Collect cards from the deck by yelling “Snap!” first.
  • Pile the cards in the middle with cards in the starting hand.
  • When a player turns a card face up and they match the players, collect the cards and keep moving to go.


  • This game is very similar to bridge in that it is very fast-moving.
  • Again, you will be required to partner up for this activity.
  • The goal is to win three out of the five “tricks” to finish on top.


  • Collect cards and win battles by fighting against an opponent and outranking their cards.
  • Card play is based off top deck cards.


  • Classic household UNO just becomes the first person to remove all the cards from your hands by matching them with the card color in the middle, one at a time.
  • Match the card in the middle by either color or number and keep going until UNO is finally reached.

No Thanks!:

  • The goal is to achieve the lowest score possible by weighing the cons of scooping up specific cards or playing into chips that have been dealt.

Phase 10:

  • The overall goal is to complete 10 hands of “rummy-like” play style.
  • You want to collect unique groups of cards or else you run the risk of being left behind by opponents.

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