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Fall Prevention In The Elderly Checklist

Fall Prevention In The Elderly Checklist

This is a complete fall prevention checklist to keep the elderly safe at home.

Floor Safety

  1. ❒ Keep all pathways free of furniture in every room of the house.
  2. ❒ Secure any and all throw rugs by applying nonslip backing.
  3. ❒ Ensure there are no loose objects on the floors.
  4. ❒ All wires need to be securely taped or coiled next to walls.

Bedroom Safety

  1. ❒ Keep a lamp and/or flashlight near your bed.
  2. ❒ Install at least one nightlight in the room.
  3. ❒ Keep a phone near your bed at all times.
  4. ❒ Add a bed rail to make it easier to get in and out of the bed.
  5. ❒ Keep the flooring free of any clutter.

Bathroom Safety

  1. ❒ Install a nightlight in the bathroom.
  2. ❒ Grab bars should be installed near the toilet and tub.
  3. ❒ A raised toilet seat will make sitting and standing up easier.
  4. ❒ Use a non-slip bath or shower mat.
  5. ❒ Use a shower chair or bath bench in the tub area.
  6. ❒ Place a secure and slip-resistant rug outside of the tub area.
  7. ❒ Promptly clean up any water on the floor.

Kitchen Safety

  1. ❒ Keep frequently used items on the lowest possible shelf.
  2. ❒ Have a sturdy stool in the kitchen, if necessary.
  3. ❒ Keep a reaching aid nearby.
  4. ❒ Any loose footboards should be replaced immediately.
  5. ❒ Remove any rugs from the kitchen area.
  6. ❒ Only use non-skid floor wax in the kitchen.
  7. ❒ Post important information, including doctor’s phone numbers, on the refrigerator.
  8. ❒ Clean up spills promptly.

Living Area Safety

  1. ❒ Ensure all pathways are clear.
  2. ❒ Secure all rugs with non-slip backing or remove the rugs altogether.
  3. ❒ Install light switches at the entrance of all rooms.
  4. ❒ Keep all rooms clear of any clutter.
  5. ❒ Repair loose footboards immediately.
  6. ❒ Keep all electrical cords far from pathways.
  7. ❒ Do not sit on chairs that are difficult to stand up from.
  8. ❒ Get rid of any wobbly or unstable furniture.

Outdoor Safety

  1. ❒ All paths need to be brightly lit at all times.
  2. ❒ Have lighting around all stoops and steps.
  3. ❒ Install handrails around steps.
  4. ❒ Always keep sidewalks and walkways clear.
  5. ❒ Repair uneven or broken steps.
  6. ❒ Remove any roots that may be sticking up from the ground.

Fall Prevention Tips

  1. ❒ Perform daily exercises to improve your mobility, strength and balance.
  2. ❒ Have your doctor check your eyes at least once per year.
  3. ❒ Wear shoes both inside and outside.
  4. ❒ Ensure all lighting works properly.
  5. ❒ Keep all emergency information near the phone.
  6. ❒ Keep a cell phone nearby at all times.

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