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What To Do After Retirement | 19 Activities & Retirement Hobbies

You’ve worked your entire adult life and now you’re retiring and getting absolute control over what you do, when you do it, and how to spend your time.  Whether you’re looking for things to do when retired and bored or activities for retired couples we have what you’re searching for in this post.  Read through our list of things to do after retirement to enjoy all the opportunities that are waiting for you!

1. Travel

Retirement is a great time to get out and travel the country and the world.  Even if your work took you on the road you likely didn’t have a lot of time for sight seeing and taking in culture.  Revisit some of your favorite spots or fulfill dreams of visiting exotic far flung places.

2. Plan & Budget

Whether you’ve saved up a nest egg or you’re living off a pension it is important to plan head and make it last.  Most retirees have a fixed income and it is critical to firstly make a budget that you’ll stick to and obey the withdrawal rate and any tax rules.

3. Move To A New Place

For a lot of retirees a move is in order to shake things up.  Adults who have spent their lives in the hustle and bustle of the city many times love the idea of moving to a quieter small town community.  While the reverse is true of people who lived their adult life in the country.  They may well love moving into more culture, restaurants, and options for shopping.

4. Remodel Your House

A project that improves your home’s comfort and gives you the satisfaction of seeing your work is home remodeling.  Some retirees go for home add-ons or full kitchen or bathroom remodeling while some are happy to just reorganize.

5. Purchase An RV

Whether you’re a hunting and fishing fanatic or you want to visit all the national parks an RV gives you the freedom to head out with the comforts of home.  You’ll be able to cook your own meals and sleep with your own bedding, pillows, and a mattress you’re comfortable on.  With the addition of RV solar power systems you’re free to explore.

6. Volunteering

Giving back gives huge rewards and spends your time improving the lives of others.  There are many opportunities to volunteer with charities or even church groups in your area.  VolunteerMatch.com can help you find great volunteering opportunities near you.

7. Find A Fun Job

A lot of retirement age Americans today like to keep a part time job at companies where the work is fulfilling and fun.  Find a industry or company you love and find a part time position.  You might enjoy having coworkers to talk to and the extra income will give you greater spending power.

8. Retirement Hobbies

While working a full time job and raising children there was probably limited time to start or enjoy your hobbies.  Now that you have some time on your hands you can get out and garden, play cards, jump into photography, scrapbook, or go fishing, hunting, or hiking more!

9. Teach What You Know

You’ve likely spent your life learning and now you can pass that knowledge along to others. Many community centers or libraries will allow you to start a free course to help enrich the community.  If your knowledge is specialized enough your local university or college may have a spot for you.

10. Start Your Own Business

If you didn’t own your own business, or even if you did, you can start a business now that’s part time and connects you to people.  Offer up your talents, skills, and knowledge through an exciting business and utilize the years of experience to start something new.

11. Jump Into Fitness

One of the great things you can give yourself is fitness.  As we age regular exercise is one of the most useful pass times we can have.  It keeps us healthy and has a huge impact on warding off depression and a myriad of other ailments.   If you choose to do this with a fitness group it also helps ensure you’re getting out and socializing.

12. Learn To Play An Instrument

Many of us drudged through learning an instrument in high school but can find a new love for playing music.  Whether you love the sound of the drums, guitar, flute, harp or other you’ve now got the time for lessons, practice, and delving into the world of music.  Best of all you can entertain and impress your friends and family with your new skill.

13. Spend Time With Friends & Family

Your family and friends have likely moved of where their careers took them.  Retirement is a great time to go visit and reconnect.  You can also make new friends where you’re living by getting our and seeing people weekly or a few times a week.

14. Consider Public Service

Many retirees choose to get involved and make a difference in their communities.  You can look for openings in school boards, or even become a representative in your local community.  You’ll be able to help people, possibly shape policy, and influence your community for the better.

15. Learn A Language

Truth be told most of us didn’t take our French, Spanish, or German classes very serious in high school, so we probably don’t remember much.  Learning a language makes it easier to travel to new exciting destinations and also keeps your mind active.

16. Become A Writer

You’ve live a life full of experiences and have knowledge to share.  Whether you’re creative and want to write a novel, share your recipes in cookbook, or just want to share your life’s experiences you have the time to put pen to paper.

17. Write A Blog

Whether it’s your career, favorite destinations, or recipes you can share your experiences by learning to blog and adding pieces of interest as they happen.  It’s a great way to share with your friends, family, and if you’re lucky gain a loyal following of readers.

18. Catch Up On Reading

There’s not a lot of time for reading series or many books while handling careers and families.  Retirement offers you a golden opportunity to read all of the biographies, fantasy, or sci-fi you’ve been missing.  Joining a book club adds a social aspect and debate about the book’s contents.

19. Enjoy Freedom

You’ve had an alarm clock hounding you for decades.  Enjoy your freedom to do as much or as little when you want and how you want.  You worked hard your entire life, enjoy the time to do what you want now, even if that’s not much!

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