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Does Medicare Cover Assisted Living Costs?

A lot of seniors and their families are asking the question “Does Medicare Cover Assisted Living Costs?“.  Naturally people want to be able to plan and budget for changes in finances.  This article will help you understand what is covered by Medicare, Medicaid, and other funding options you can use to cover the cost of assisted living.

Assisted Living Coverages

As you choose which assisted living facility you’d like to live in, or is right for your beloved senior cost is likely one of the factors you’ll need to explore.  Costs for assisted living services vary by amenities, location, accommodations, floorplan, and services.  As you select the type of care you’d prefer knowing how the expenses will get covered is important along with if Medicare will help cover some of the costs.

Medicare Assisted Living Coverage

Most times Medicare will not extend coverage to handle the costs of assisted living or long-term care.  With that said there are situations where Medicare will cover qualified healthcare costs at a certain facility for the duration needed to live there.  Most times Medicare is used to cover the cost of home health care of skilled nursing facilities.

Medicaid Assisted Living Coverage

In Arizona the Arizona Long Term Care System (ALTCS) pays for medical and care related to services for residents of Arizona in assisted living facilities.  It does not however pay for room and board.  Depending on coverage and location assisted living residents will pay around $1,150 each month for basic living costs.

Alternative Assisted Living Funding Options

There are some assisted living facilities which offer private funding options for their residents.  In the case where a senior has long-term care insurance it will cover a portion of the costs associated with living in assisted living.

In many situations assisted living residents pay for their care out-of-pocket.  They fund their care by selling assets like their home or other real estate.  Many seniors also have significant savings in the bank they use to fund their assisted living needs.  There is a wide variety of ways by which you or your loved one’s assisted living care costs can be covered.

SLS Communities Assisted Living Services

SLS Communities offers a variety of affordable locations and options for assisted living in Arizona which fit the budget of many seniors.  Please give us a call to learn more about what options we have for assisted living and get help understanding how the costs of care can be covered.

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