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Memory Care Services near Gilbert Arizona

When you are searching for Memory Care near me in Gilbert, Arizona; SLS Communities offers exceptional quality care, comfort, and compassion for seniors suffering from memory disorders. Whether it is Alzheimer’s or dementia our team compassionately and respectfully provides the safe and caring environment that these beloved seniors need and deserve.  Our staff ensures the safety of residents, takes care of daily chores like laundry and cleaning to provide a worry free community.  When you are looking for the best memory care services near Gilbert, look no further than SLS Communities.

Learn more about memory care near Gilbert by giving us a call today at (480) 348-0300.

Canyon Winds Map

2914 N Ridgecrest
Mesa, AZ 85207

Independent Living: 480-348-0300
Assisted Living: 480-348-0300
Memory Care: 480-348-0300


12322 N 113th Ave.
Youngtown, AZ 85363

Assisted Living: 623-583-246
Memory Care: 623-583-246


Reviews & Testimonials About Our Facilities

Ventana Winds have only treated my mother with respect. The staff are very nice, and put up with a lot of hard things, and do well managing it. Memory Care is a difficult task to accomplish and they do well in taking care of the patients there, even my mother. They have a lot of activities everyday for the people there, and the activity adviser makes sure to go out of her way to treat every person special, whether it be doing personalized nails or perming their hair. I’m very blessed to have my mom there.
Bonnie PMemory CareGilbert, Arizona

More About Memory Care at SLS Communities

SLS Communities offers Memory Care for seniors to go beyond standard independent or assisted living. Memory care by SLS Communities is designed to create a welcoming and compassionate environment which is safe and comfortable.  Memory care is a great option for seniors and families struggling with caring for loved ones who develop dementia or Alzheimer’s.

Our staff takes care of our residents and their daily needs such as laundry, cleaning, cooking, taking prescriptions, and help with personal hygiene chores such as bathing, dressing, and grooming.

Memory Care Advantages

Memory care is a custom designed environment to care for people suffering from common memory disorders.  Memory disorders are fact of life for many seniors as dementia and Alzheimer’s make it hard for seniors and their families to provide the care they need.  Our memory care facilities do more than just ensure the safety of people with memory challenges, but also care for their basic needs and go further to provide entertainment, activities, and a standard of living that maintains respect for them as individuals.  Each of our memory care locations offers safe outdoor courtyards with walkways where residents can take leisurely walks, enjoy the fresh air and sunlight.  The landscaping is well manicured and our staff always is ready should a resident need help, guidance, or a little extra care. Staff is available 24 hour a day and every day of the week.  There is always someone on hand who’s ensuring the safety, health, and well-being  of our residents.

24/7 Staffing

Safe & Secure 

Transportation Services

Frequent Activities

Plenty of Entertainment

Meal Preparation

Help With Hygiene

Assistance With Rx’s

Daily Cleaning

Weekly Deep Cleaning 

Signs of Alzheimer’s & Dementia

Memory care exists because there is a need to provide some seniors with round the clock supervision to safeguard them from wandering, getting lost, or simply forgetting to care for daily tasks and chores. Knowing when a loved one might need this type of care can be indicated by several signs or symptoms. Read more below about the signs that your loved senior might need memory care by SLS Communities.

Behavior Signs

Seniors suffering from Alzheimer’s many times are aware that something isn’t right and cam become frustrated.  This can many times lead to irritability, anger, diminished restraint, aggression, getting lost or wandering, and other changes in personality.

Cognitive Signs

When Alzheimer’s begins setting in seniors will have trouble recognizing common people or things, have trouble with basic math, experience increased confusion during the evening, find it difficult to stay focused, and will exhibit issues with thinking and understanding.

Psychological Changes

Changes in memory and the frustration of realizing their own decline can many times lead seniors to have changes in their psychological condition.  Disorders such as depression, paranoia, and in rare cases even hallucination is possible. These signs should be watched for careful to safeguard your loved ones.

Changes In Mood

Alzheimer’s can also lead to mood disorders and changes such as loneliness, anger, apathy, general discontent, and mood swings. If you have noticed or begin to notice these signs memory care might be the safe, understanding, and compassionate environment that is right for your loved one.

Memory Care Features & Amenities

Our memory care campuses are designed to be comfortable and welcoming and staffed with kind and compassionate memory care specialists. Our staff is there 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Seniors are always cared for and supervised to keep them active, engaged, and safe.

Our indoor and outdoor areas provide room to roam while being within a secure area.  We provide memory care services to safeguard the health and welfare of seniors which have trouble remembering, are prone to wandering, or are suffering from memory problems.

Memory Care Features

  • Round the clock 24/7 staffing
  • Prescription assistance
  • Help with bathing, dressing, grooming
  • Daily activities and programs
  • Transportation for shopping & appointments
  • 3 daily meals & snacks
  • Daily cleaning
  • Weekly deep cleaning
  • Laundry services for clothes and bedding

Memory Care Amenities

  • Cable TV
  • Pools
  • Dining areas
  • Reading
  • Safe & secure living areas
  • Safe & secure outdoor areas

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Schedule A Tour Of A Memory Care Facility In Gilbert, Arizona

SLS Communities has 2 memory care locations near Gilbert, Arizona. We offer memory care services at Canyon Winds Retirement Community and Ventana Winds Retirement Community. Learn more about memory care in Gilbert by giving us a call today at (480) 348-0300. Each of these locations offer safe, secure, compassionate, and welcoming environments for seniors struggling with memory problems. Seniors with Alzheimer’s or dementia simply live better when they have the care and supervision they need. Staff is on site and active 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Give us a call to learn more or schedule your tour today –  (480) 348-0300



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When you are searching “Memory Care Gilbert” SLS Communities offers exceptional quality care, comfort, and compassion for seniors suffering from memory disorders.

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